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5 Drinks That Can Affect Quality Of Your Sleep

Drinks That Can Affect Quality Of Sleep - nootracare

Did you ever pay attention to your food and drinks which you consumed before bedtime? In case you have missed out on that, you better start paying attention to them now onwards. Whatever drinks and beverages that you have before you go to sleep also have a positive and negative effect on your sleep quality. You might have never noticed these facts that some foods are possibly the reason behind you waking up in the middle of the night quite frequently. 

Having knowledge about the beverages that can affect your sleep quality and avoiding might help you to get adequate sleep at night. To know which are the food items that can affect your sleep during the night, check out the list given below.

1. Water

Water is certainly good for your health, and you should have it in sufficient quantity throughout the day. However, in case you are drinking an excess amount of water at night also before bedtime, this is one thing that you start avoiding. Drinking too much of water at night before going to sleep will make you go to the bathroom frequently in the middle of your sleep time. This can hamper your sleep quality quite drastically. Therefore, it will be better to avoid drinking too much water before going to bed.

2. Coffee

People generally drink coffee as it has the ability to keep you awake and alert due to its caffeine content. People usually drink coffee at night if they have to stay awake and finish an important assignment due to some deadline. But if you drink coffee before bedtime without any reason, it is bound to ruin your nighttime sleep. Coffee is a good beverage to kick start your day and get rid of the drowsiness. But, it is not a good choice to drink coffee before going to bed as it can ruin your sleep.

3. Alcohol

Taking a few shots of drinks is not a problem, but alcoholic drink won’t help you to get proper amount of sleep. Alcoholic drinks might help you to fall asleep initially, but it can disrupt your REM stage of sleep. At this stage of sleep, the body starts its recovery process. Therefore, it will be better not to make a habit of taking alcoholic drinks before sleeping as it can have a negative impact on your health and sleep in the long run.

4. Energizers and soda

You will be surprised to know that drinking soda and energizer drinks at night before bedtime can also steal your sleep. Several sodas and energizer drink contain caffeine content which can keep you awake at night. Apart from that, having soda or energizer drinks regularly isn’t good for your health too. So, avoid having them before you go to sleep.

5. Tea

Tea is a good thing to consume in the morning but not at night. Both tea and coffee are good carriers of caffeine which can hamper your nighttime sleep. Hence, if you have a temptation of having tea at night then stop drinking it right away for better quality sleep. Why Quality of Sleep Matters at Night?

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