Sleep Disorders

Are Australians Sleep Deprived?

Are Australians Sleep Deprived

Sleep issues are pretty common these days and people are dealing with one or other forms of slumber issues all over the globe. Slumber disorders are more prominent in metro cities, and developed and developing countries. Australia is one such country which has a huge number of people suffering from sleep issues. Fast-paced lifestyle, poor diet and lack of exercise are some of the reasons why Australians are dealing with sleep issues and related ailments.

According to a survey done in 2016, approximately 33-45% of adults are dealing with sleep disorders regardless of age. Amongst these individuals, 8% are suffering from sleep apnea, 20% are dealing with insomnia and the rest are suffering from restless leg syndrome. It has also been estimated that people are taking inadequate sleep. Three quarter people who are suffering from sleep issues are getting less than five and half hours of sleep. In a nutshell, people need more sleep to deal with these sleep issues.

How social media is affecting Australian citizens

Social media addiction is one of the reasons why people are not getting enough sleep. Studies have shown that around 26% of adults are spending huge time in the night on social media before sleeping. Around 16% of adults work before sleep. Both these groups suffer from impaired sleep pattern or daytime sleepiness accompanied by these issues. Approximately 23% of people have reported that their work routine is not allowing them to get better night sleep. Regardless of every situation, people are not getting enough sleep and this has become the reason for them developing sleep issues related symptoms such as daytime sleep pangs, extreme fatigue, less productivity and poor concentration power.

Effects of sleep issues on overall work performance

As per the estimated figures by a survey done in 2016, around 17% of people have missed work or they were found sleeping at their desks. 29% of adults have reported that they have made errors in their work. Australian citizens have also reported professional errors and less productivity. Sleep deprivation has also been linked with depression which further has been linked with poor performance at work. Slumber disorders might pose as harmless but in reality they harm the most and affect major areas of your life such as you might get into an accident if you fall asleep behind the wheels.

Over years, sleep issues have become prominent in Australians. As mentioned earlier, the reasons are poor diet and imbalanced lifestyle. Thankfully, several medicines are available for the eradication of slumber issues. Modafinil is one of them. This is a wakefulness promoter drug which acts on the neurotransmitters and corrects the imbalance amongst them. This medicine is not for treating or curing sleep issues but it helps in eliminating daytime sleepiness caused by sleep ailments. You can buy Modafinil Australia online with a valid prescription.

Slumber disorders can easily be dealt with if you know the root cause of it. Once you find it, work on it to remove it completely. Ask your health care provider about other treatment options as well.

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