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How I Became Smart (Occasionally) with Modafinil

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Who would like to admit they are not smart enough? Well, I would like to take this opportunity and admit modestly that I am not as smart as you think you are. I have no regrets admitting this. There is Everest of work posing at me and I am going at a slow pace despite know that I have to do something really fast or else I have to face a lot of criticism from my seniors. If anyone can let me borrow his smartness for a day or two, I would be indebt forever. This chain of thoughts was running on my mind when I was ruffling pages of a magazine which had all these articles about medicines – something I don’t get along well. I happen to stumble upon an article about smart drug – I was sold at the end of the article.

So, here’s how it started!

After trying to convince my mental state that I have to finish two articles with all the data accurately put into it correctly, my physical being gave up and I entered this coffee shop. Who keeps science magazines in a coffee shop? Well, this does and I was not in a mood to have a conversation with anyone so magazines seemed easy escape. Pretend that you are engaged in reading something really deep and nobody would ever dare to disturb you.

I picked up this magazine randomly and started ruffling through pages. Meanwhile I ordered a coffee with extra caffeine shot and no sugar. I needed raw caffeine to make my mind work. So, I settled with my coffee and this magazine. Though my intention was not to read anything but just to show people that I am busy reading it and nobody would come over to talk to me, I read about smart drug – Modafinil. Whoa! What an amazing drug! The article reminded about a movie called Limitless. The movie was great but what I read about Modafinil was greater than the movie.

Modafinil tablets online

I came home – tired and exhausted. Caffeine had decided to abandon me when I need it the most. Let’s move on, I told myself. I was tired – mentally – but decided to give it a shot. I opened my laptop and gathered myself to start a little research on Modafinil. After an hour, I was happy to know that I can buy Modafinil in Australia. I learned many things about this miraculous medicine. One research told me that this medicine when used by people who aren’t narcoleptics – not suffering from narcolepsy (a sleep disorder which makes you suffer from extreme daytime sleepiness) – can make them smarter. Well, it helps these people by augmenting their concentration power and their memory skills improve dramatically. I was so impressed and inspired; I immediately started looking for Modafinil Australia pharmacies online.

I was beyond excited to finally get a solution for my burned out brain and that too within my budget, a thought of calling my doctor friend flashed across my mind. I was sure what I was doing. After all, I read so many articles online about Modafinil. An article said that this medicine is not a stimulant or an amphetamine. Further it explained that the drug helps in controlling the brain chemicals that make you feel sleepy. Another article said that Modafinil has no negative effects and in fact, students and young entrepreneurs are using this smart drug. 

I was a bit confused so I dialed my friend. He is a GP and my advisor whenever I need medical information. He said that he had heard about Modafinil and have handled cases where Modafinil was involved or later introduced to correct sleep pattern. He admitted that the medicine is indeed a smart drug but it can be habit-forming. Now this is something missing in those articles I read. I might have done a little more research. I told my friend that I want to use Modafinil to give a quick start to my sluggish brain. He advised me not to take the medicine in excess and not for longer period of time either. He gave me permission to consume the medicine. I was thrilled; I took my visa card and ordered Modafinil.

My first day with Modafinil

It took me awhile to realize that I was holding a strip of Modafinil. I unboxed the medicine and took a while to appreciate it. A tiny white pill with no fancy finishing to it was staring at me. Before any second thought would attack me and distract me, I popped in a pill. I read the leaflet provided with the box and decided to take the tablet without food. Somewhat 30 minutes passed by, I felt a bit irritation in my stomach. I searched online again to learn that I should have taken the medicine with food to avoid stomach discomfort.

After an hour or so, I found myself sitting at my desk working on those articles I was assigned to complete. In next hour, I completed my research and started procuring data required for my articles. Before I realized anything, I had completed my articles I was sitting on since a week. It was just a couple of hours I have consumed the medicine, I was already in love with it. I had no idea what happened to me but I felt that something has changed in my mind or my entire mind has been changed. Whatever that was, it was good and I was enjoying it.

In the evening, I met a few friends of mine. Did I tell you that I am not a public speaker? I cannot even speak in front of four people. That evening was the most memorable evening of my life. I shared some insights about a political issue so correctly. I had the correct data but I never had the courage to talk about it. But with Modafinil, everything is possible. My friends were amazed to see the new me.

Second day with Modafinil

The effect of medicine started to wear off and I was pushed back to the normal, sluggish me. Without thinking much I popped another pill and waited till it shows some effects. It did and I patted myself for making a right decision. This was my routine for the next five days until I decided to talk to my doctor friend.  I had a conversation with him who asked me to stop taking Modafinil for two to three days and monitor how my mind responds to it.  

I did as instructed and noticed that my mind became sluggish again without the Modafinil fuel. I didn’t give up and decided not to take the medicine. After three days, I was back on Modafinil and life was thrilling as ever again.

It was indeed a roller coaster ride with Modafinil. But I would suggest you to meet your doctor before and throughout the dosing pattern to rule out any possibility of Modafinil abuse and onset of associated side effects.

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