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How To Increase My Brain Efficiency

How To Increase My Brain Efficiency australia NootraCare

Our brain is often compared to the computers but increasing the processing power of the brain isn’t that simple like upgrading the RAM of it. When neuroscientist or a neurologist speak about the processing speed of the brain, they often relate to the rate at which the human brain is able to acquire a new piece of information, reach a judgment and put together a response. On the basis of this definition lies the key to improving the processing speed of the brain. There are some ways via which you can make a stronger connection in the hardwiring of the brain, and you can improve its processing speed. To know how to increase the ability of your brain and improve the brain’s processing speed, read the points given below.

Aerobic exercise

There are many ways through which you can improve the function of the brain like reading books, studying hard and doing aerobic exercises. There are many theories that support the relationship between exercise and cognitive development.  Aerobic exercise is a great way to increase the brain’s processing speed in adults and improve your cognitive functions. A half hour of moderate exercise on a daily basis is sufficient for you. You can also engage in other physical activities which will also help to improve the processing speed of your brain.

Eat the right food

Eating the right food is also necessary as much as physical exercises. They both go hand in hand for improving your brain’s processing speed. Maintaining a balanced diet is a must for the health of your brain. Have such food that can directly or indirectly benefit the health of your brain. Include in your diet food items like avocado, blueberries, salmon, nuts, and seeds. All the eatables mentioned above carry a good amount of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acid which is responsible for promoting the health of your brain. Therefore including these foods in your regular diet can help in improving your cognitive function and brain processing speed.

Get adequate sleep

It is a common theory that you need to get proper amount of sleep for the overall wellbeing of your health. The same thing is applicable for your mental health too as it has a direct connection. An adult should get about seven to eight hours of sleep and a teenager needs around nine hours of quality sleep. During your sleep, the brain forms new pathways which help us in learning and solving problems. Sleep also plays an important role in repairing of body’s tissues, heart and blood vessels which provides the white matter of the brain. Lack of sleep can cause a big problem for all of these. Thus, an adequate amount of sleep is required. Read – How Much Sleep Do We Actually Need.

Write with your hands

Sounds a bit weird but it is true. Writing words with your own hands can help in improving your cognitive skills like memory and learning. Adults who are trying to learn a new language can remember a word more accurately if they write them instead of typing them. While writing, your hand-eye coordination works in a better way, and hence it becomes easy to grasp the new thing you are trying to learn.

Have sex 

Sex can actually help in sharpening your brain. Several kinds of research suggest that sex have the ability to increase the function of your brain. Sexual activity can increase the level of serotonin which helps in boosting the logical decision making and creativity. The hormone oxytocin released during sex can improve your problem-solving ability.


A good laugh can be key to solving many problems including improving the function of your brain. Laughing helps in relaxing and stimulating the brain. It also encourages people to think more creatively. Thus, a good laugh is also a therapeutic dose for your brain.

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