How to Take Modafinil Effectively

How to Take Modafinil Effectively-min

Quick Tips How to Use Modafinil

The nootropic drug of Modafinil is an effective smart drug that is used for fighting the issue of sleep disorders like narcolepsy and sleep apnea. Sleep disorders are quite disturbing for our everyday life since they create the issue of excessive daytime sleepiness. Due to this, they are not able to keep themselves awake and alert for the whole day for doing their work because of it. This is the reason why Modafinil tablet used as the medication drives away the unwanted drowsiness and let the people stay awake for the whole day. Modafinil is useful alright but there is a certain way it has to be taken which can make the drug work more effectively. To know how to take the medication in an effective manner, have a look at the details below.

The Dosage

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To start with is measuring the correct dosage for the medication of Modafinil. The dosage generally depends upon the gravity of the problem of your sleep issue. For some people the tablet of Modafinil 100 mg is sufficient while for others they might need about 200 to 300 mg. For the beginners, it is always advised to take Modafinil 100 mg. If it suits your system then you can move ahead to more power of 200 mg. In both the cases, the drug generally works in the same way. Regardless the dosage, the tablet should be consumed only once in the whole day.



The ideal time to take this nootropic medicine is in the morning. This will help you to stay awake for the whole day. Taking the medication in the afternoon will technically have a no effect in your productive time or might disturb your sleep pattern at night. The effect of Modafinil lasts for 15 to 16 hours. So if you take it in the early morning (for example 7 am) then you will be able to work till 10 to 11 pm in the night.

Eat properly

Modafinil acts like an appetite suppressant and can make you go without food for a long time. But shunning the food after having the smart drug will be one of the most foolish things you will do. You need to take your meals at your regular timing even if you don’t feel hungry after taking this medication. You have to eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner at usual timings and the same amount you normally do.  Taking the meals properly will minimize the chances of side effects of Modafinil tablet.

Hydrate yourself

Like your food, you have to drink plenty of water too after taking the Modafinil tablet. You might get busy in your work and forget about the quenching thirst. But this is the worst thing you will do as not drinking adequate water for a prolonged time will lead to dehydration. So if you are taking the medication of Modafinil you must drink ample amount of water to for avoiding dehydration.


Modafinil can enhance your cognitive skills and help you to work in an efficient manner. But you have to see the tolerance level of yours against the medication too. Using the Modafinil pill on daily basis won’t be good for you as it will make the body Modafinil dependent and might have other type of reactions as well. Taking the medication 1 to 3 times in a week is sufficient for you. Also, discuss with the doctor about the tolerance level of the medication.

Do not go to the Gym

The medication might be energy inducing drug but it is not suggested to go to the gym after having the Modafinil tablet. Hitting the gym will literally give you no benefit of taking the medication and it will be a total waste.

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