Modafinil: Why This Smart Drug Is Becoming Popular

Why Modafinil Is Becoming Popular - nootracare

The main principle of biohacking is to search for tools and tricks that can make a big impact with minimum effort. You can call it liberal laziness or persistent pursuit for attaining perfection on personal grounds. The pill of Modafinil can prove to be a performance-enhancing drug that can make a place in your bag for some biohacking tricks, at least a few of them. Here, we shall discuss and reveal the experience of some Modafinil users and also drug experts who are studying the drug of Modafinil. Here you shall get to know its benefits and all the warnings that come along with this smart drug.

What is Modafinil?

The first question that strikes anyone’s head is what exactly is Modafinil. Well, it is a smart drug and is also known as a nootropic. It helps in enhancing your cognitive abilities in various ways. There are other smart drugs too, but modafinil stands apart in its own class and for some very good reasons. Modafinil Australia.

Modafinil might act as a stimulant, but actually, it is not. It is a eugeroic, which is a wakefulness-promoting agent. It does not add quickness or jittery, unlike other classic stimulants. The drug of Modafinil does not have any sort of crash or withdrawal issues which many other smart drugs do have. The most positive aspect of Modafinil is that it is not addictive at all. In fact, it can help people to kick their addictions.

The side effects are also not a major problem for the users of Modafinil. It has few or no side effects at all. Therefore, technically Modafinil is safe.

It really works well for the people. Its popularity is so much that even a movie was made based on the use of Modafinil which featured Bradley Cooper. The pill is able to give you some superhuman mental processing and with few to zero downsides.

How can Modafinil enhance your brain?

On the contrary to some other smart drugs, there are enough proofs that are available to back up the function of Modafinil.

  • Modafinil can be helpful in increasing the resistance to fatigue and also improve your mood quality.
  • Modafinil can improve motivation, reaction time, vigilance and fatigue level in the healthy adults.
  • In research conducted by the University of Cambridge, it was found that Modafinil can effectively reduce your impulse response, i.e., bad decisions.
  • Modafinil has the capability to improve brain function in the sleep-deprived people.

How safe is Modafinil?

The safest thing about Modafinil is that it is not addictive at all. However, it has a risk of abuse and some people use it for staying awake for a long time. This can cause some problem for your health. There is a rare chance of having a condition called SJS or Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. In this condition, people who have genetic susceptibility may develop a deadly life-threatening rash. The problem of SJS can be triggered by the usage of analgesics, antibiotics, NSAIDS, psycholeptics, antigout drugs, cough, and cold medications. Cocaine, phenytoin, and modafinil in some cases can also cause this problem.

Though the chances of risk are quite low, you should go for a genetic test before you use any of the above drugs, which also includes Modafinil. There are some parameters which will determine the lowest risk and increased risk in a person.

Dosage of Modafinil

A dosage of 50 to 200 mg of Modafinil is sufficient for any healthy person. Its effect can last for 6 to 8 hours. You need to take it early in the morning, with or without food. You can also speak to your doctor if you want before you start using the pill of Modafinil.                               

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