Privacy policy

Is it safe to shop medicines online?

With the globe turning digital lightening fast, online drug stores have started to emerge on the horizon in large numbers. People have started shopping with these pharmacies giving the perks they offer in the form of discounted generic medicines, smart drugs, smart drug trial packs and free shipment along with lucrative benefits. However, the virtual pharmaceutical industry is dealing with online frauds and the numbers of incidents have been increasing lately. People have started having doubts about the safety of online transactions. But the good news is that online shopping has become safer these days.

Is your website secured?

Our website is protected with the best-in-class security software which safeguards the data which is being feed in by the customers. The personal information along with banking details is safe with us. You can feed in the data and leave the rest to us. The security software catches the data and keeps it locked within. This data remains inaccessible for third parties. Our privacy policy has been designed in such a way that assures the customer that his/her data is safe with us and no third party can access it by any means. We take your prior permission before sending you promotional newsletters or other electronic information material. You can unsubscribe from these newsletters whenever you wish.

How Can I be sure about my safety?

This privacy policy assures you in all possible ways. You can get in touch with our customer care team in case you feel unsatisfied with the privacy protection we are offering you. Your feedback is valuable for us and we are striving to make online shopping experience better and safer for you.

Refund Policy

Can I trust online pharmacies for fastest Modafinil delivery?

Online or virtual pharmacies have become quite popular lately. With the increase in global digitization, it has become easier for people to access good quality drugs including smart drugs. We are into selling high quality nootropic smart drugs including Modafinil, Armodafinil and their branded as well as generic variations. These medicines are manufactured by the top class pharma manufacturers. You can trust us for getting the best-in-class drugs and for Modafinil trial pack and Provigil trial pack.

How can I claim for a refund?

It is easier than you think. We understand it takes a lengthy process when it comes to claim for a refund. However, at, our expert team has managed to design an easy-to-understand refund strategy that will work for you seamlessly. We have observed how difficult it becomes to ask for refunds and being a customer-centric entity, we have come forward with this refund policy which is customer-friendly.

What are the conditions for claiming a refund?

You need to check whether you are eligible for claiming a refund. Our expert team has come up with certain conditions that make you eligible for FREE re-shipment or 100% money back.

You can claim for a refund in following scenarios.

If you receive a wrong product from our end, you can initiate the refund process. You need to get in touch with our customer care team through email conversation to set off the process. We are the one-stop-solution for the fastest Modafinil delivery. However, due to certain unavoidable natural calamities or other reasons, delay in shipment might happen. In such cases, you can initiate refund procedure. If the product is sent to a wrong address due to fault from our end, you become eligible for claiming a refund. If the parcel is torn, damaged or the inner product is damaged, you can ask for free re-shipment or total money back. However, you are requested to send in images of the damaged parcel/product in order to allow us to take immediate action.