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Things You Should Know About Sleep

Things You Should Know About Sleep - nootracare

Having a good sleep helps us feel much better throughout the day. Adequate amount of sleep helps us to feel more energetic, happy and alert which allows us to function well in our daily life. Good sleep can support our overall health and also make us feel better whereas without going with any sleep can only make the thing go worse for us. This is why sleep is so crucial for us.

 At times, we treat sleep as an optional thing, and you brag that you can go without it. Some people do it as a test of strength by sleeping very little at night. But they fail to understand that sleep plays a very key role in the physical and mental processes, right from memory to weight control. Therefore, here are some important facts about sleep in case you are depriving yourself of it.

Makes memory better

By sleeping adequately our brain performs well and we are able to recollect and memorize everything in a better way. It helps in our learning process and makes our memory sharper.

Rejuvenate, restore and repair

When our body sleeps for a longer period, at that time the body does the process of restoring and rejuvenating, repairing muscle tissue and growing muscles. It is during our sleep only the body synthesizes the hormones that are required for our overall wellbeing.

There is no catching up

The gap of sleep deprivation cannot be filled up by sleeping late on the weekends. The issue of sleep deprivation can only be corrected by having several consecutive nights of sleeping adequately.

Snoring is a health problem

You must never take snoring of yourself or your bed partner lightly as it can be a sign of sleep apnea which is also a sleep disorder. It makes the person go awake multiple times in the night due to lack of oxygen in the blood. In case you are going through the issue of snoring you should speak to your doctor about it.

No lights

The light emitted from any electronic devices like mobile phone and television can disturb your sleep cycle by affecting the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. Hence, if you are facing problem in sleeping well, it is recommended that you turn off all the screens an hour before your bedtime.


It was thought that dreams only occur in a person during the REM sleep. However, at times dream can also occur in the non-REM phases of your sleep as well.

Fat and obesity

In case we don’t get adequate amount of sleep, it can start interfering with our eating habits and insulin production which can result in obesity and high blood sugar.

Maturity and brain function

It has been observed that premature babies have nearly seventy-five percent of REM sleep which is about ten percent more than the full term babies. It is believed that REM sleep might help in maturing their brains.

Heat and sleep

The temperature of the body and the brain’s sleep-wake cycle are closely interrelated which is why you find it very difficult to sleep in a hot climate or room. Read about – How Much Sleep Do We Actually Need?

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