Types of Nootropics You Can Get in Australia

Types of Nootropics

Nootropics can do a great deal of work when it comes to fighting sleep disorders and enhancing cognitive skills. They do a ton of help in promoting wakefulness in the narcoleptic patients and also boost the cognitive strength of a person. It works in a fourfold way to increase your mood, memory power and learning capabilities. Nootropic medications are mostly sold at online pharmacies and it is being purchased by people from all over the world.

But little do you know that there is not only one type of nootropic medication, they are available in different types of varieties. Each nootropic variety has its own quality. Some nootropic drugs have been there through decades and some have come up in the most recent years. Whatever group they may belong, the work module of these nootropic drugs is common. They all promote wakefulness in the user and do not let sluggishness to set in. Typically, the different types of nootropics that are available are Racetams, Choline, Vitamin B Derivatives, Peptides, Ampakines, Natural Nootropics, and Smart Drugs. Few of them have some overlaps from the different groups but mostly all of them have their own unique qualities. To know how these nootropics drugs can benefit you, just keep reading the points down below to gather the information you need.


It is one of the most popular forms of nootropics that is available. The medications belonging to this group usually have a similar structure. One of the oldest and the most common type of Racetam is Piracetam. It was first nootropic to be discovered and is trusted by many users all across the world. Falling in the same category of Piracetam falls Oxiracetam and Aniracetam whose composition is made-up of nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen.  The medicines belonging to this group are known to improve your cognitive abilities like memory, focus, mood enhancement and better learning abilities.

The biggest benefit of the medication is that gives you the energy to work all day without any kind of issues. It mainly works on the neurotransmitter of Acetylcholine whereas the rest functions in improving the re-uptake of glutamate. Acetylcholine plays a key role in all these since it helps in the sending the signals across the sypapses.  The nootropic of racetam is also popular as a neuroprotective. It means that this medication has the capability to augment the rate of cell growth and reduce the rate of deterioration. The nootropics belonging to this particular group is very commonly used. The people who want to take nootropics to get rid of sleep issues and to boost cognitive skills. Hence, if you are thinking of taking nootropics drugs for yourself, then you can definitely go for the racetam.

Choline Nootropics

The nootropic of Choline is actually found naturally in our body but at times, some people suffer from its deficiency. The nootropic of choline is a water soluble nutrient that plays a key role in the function of the brain and its health. It is basically a predecessor of the acetylcholine. The choline supplements are greatly useful for enhancing the cognitive abilities. It shows positive results in terms of boosting the memory and the learning capabilities.

The supplement of choline might have benefits of their own but they are often taken with other supplements. The choline supplements are most of the time stacked with ractams since the combinations of those provide best results. In the absence of choline, the acetycholine will not be synthesized. As the ractams is responsible for stimulating the acetylcholine receptor sites, it is thoroughly important that the element of acetylcholine is available in abundance.

Like choline, there are several other nootropics such as citicoline, Centrophenoxine, and Alpha GPC.  Selection of the right type of choline nootropic mainly counts on which type of nootropic shall be beneficial to you. The acetylcholine can be advantageous to the patients of Alzheimer’s disease. Generally a decrease in its level causes degeneration of cognitive abilities in this disease. Citicoline is also known to be a factor for increasing the dopamine level in the brain.

Vitamin B derivatives

Few synthetic nootropics are being derived from the vitamin B derivatives as well. Sulbutiamine which is known by the name of Arclion too is actually a derivative of Thiamine or Vitamin B 1. This is used mainly for the treatment of fatigue and augmenting the energy level in the individual along with alertness. Certain research has shown that Sulbutiamine helps in boosting memory by enhancing the transmission of enzymes in brain like choline, dopamine and glutamate.

Sulbutiamine can be helpful in improving the cognitive abilities in the patients of Alzheimer’s.


You will find a huge number of peptide nootropics in the market and most common among them is Noopet. Its quality actually matches a lot with the nootropics of racetam. However, it is said to be thousand times more effective than the nootropic drugs of Piracetam. The medication of Noopet has positive effect on glutamate as well as acetylcholine. This quality makes it quite similar to the racetams. This nootropic has the capability of enhancing cognitive skills, improve learning techniques, augment brain energy and heightens the energy level of the brain.


This is technically a new entry in the nootropic segment in the recent times. But it is also one of the most powerful nootropic too among all. This one goes straight for the glutamate receptors and increases the level of glutamate.

This enzyme is very important for the purpose of learning and memorizing. It is because it plays the key role in synaptic plasticity. The supplements that are being produced with this nootropic element has no kind of side effect which can be seen in substances related to caffeine. There might be a little bit of overlap with some racetams and both of them can stimulate glutamate receptors. The stimulation that is received by the medium of ampakines is far more superior.

Natural Nootropics

The natural nootropics are mostly herbal in nature. They are basically plant based and provide the natural benefits of it. These nootropics helps in increasing the brain health and its ability to function. The natural nootropics are safer than the synthetic nootropics and have no kind of side effects. Some natural nootropics that is currently available in the market today are Ginkgo Biloba, Valorcine and Bacopi. The supplement of Ginkgo Biloba is useful for memory boosting and enhancing concentration. It is also beneficial for the treatment of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Smart drugs

The nootropics are also known as ‘Smart Drugs’ and these smart drugs are often confused as nootropics. The fact is that, the elements in these medications are not completely considered as nootropics. Mainly these supplements do the work of stimulants and theoretically you canot refer them as nootropic constitute. There are some medications like Provigil and Modafinil that yields the benefits of the nootropics. They helps in treating sleep disorders like narcolepsy, sleep apnea and shift work disorder. These supplements are also used for the treatment of chronic fatigue. Medications like Modafinil and Provigil is known to be useful for increasing the neurotransmitter hyprocretin that helps in augmenting the energy level and motivation in an individual.

The drug of Modafinil is regulated in some areas so people mostly opt for the medicine of Adrfinil. These drugs are mainly a stack of other nootropics.  After the drug of Adrfinil is taken, it will have a tendency to covert the Modafinil within the body. The drug of Adrfinil is generally taken by the working professionals and the students for boosting their memory power and enhancing their cognitive skills. It mainly promotes wakefulness in them which is crucial for them to work without the worry of daytime sleepiness. This medicine is also useful for promoting concentration level in the patients suffering from ADHD issue.

Using these nootropics can be a little troublesome at times as they have few side effects. Apart from this problem, the medication also has some allergic reaction in some individuals which is another drawback of these medications. Apart from this, the medication of Modafinil, Provigil or Adrfinil is not recommended for those people who suffer from any cardiovascular issue, kidney and liver diseases. People who want to take these nootropic medications for the treatment of sleep disorders and cognitive enhancement must consult the doctor before consuming it. They must gather the information about the possible side effects too which can range from mild to extreme. Speaking to the doctor will help to avoid issue and eventually take the medication without any sort of issues.

Where can I buy these Nootropics

The online portals are basically the easiest source of buying these nootropic medications. There are several online pharmacies on the internet from where you can buy nootropic medicines for yourself. You do not even need prescription for some natural medicins and buying nootropic medicines online and you can get them at a very cheap rate too. Once you order any nootropic medicine online you generally get them via postage mail in a span of eight to ten days.  You can order Modafinil Australia from our shop.

Are these nootropic medicines Safe?

These nootropic medications are usually safe if they are taken according the proper guidelines that comes with the pack or as per the doctor instruction. People having allergic reaction against the active elements used in the nootropic supplements must not consume it at all. Side effects are also common so they must consut with the doctor before taking it. Most of the nootropic supplements are suggested to taken only once in a day and they will have their effect throughout the day. Taking it more than once can be hazardous for your overall health.

Also you should not consume these nootropic supplements with any kind of beverage or alcoholic drinks. It can cause serious damage to your health. Women who are pregnant are mostly told not to take the nootropic drugs as they can harm the fetus. Similarly the breastfeeding mothers are also advised to stay away from these medications. The grown adults can only consume the nootropic supplements or drugs. Young children must be kept away from these medications. These are some things that you have to keep in mind while using the nootropic supplements to avoid any kind of other problem that can be caused by using these drugs.


There is no doubt that the nootropic supplements and the medicines can be extremely beneficial to you. It is a boon for those people who suffer from the daytime sleep issue of narcolepsy and sleep apnea. As these supplements promote wakefulness in the individual, he or she is able to do their daily work without the worry of sluggishness. It also boosts the memory, as well helps the students to shine brightly in their academic career. It also induces energy in the people so that they can efficiently do their work without feeling tired for a second.

These are some benefits of nootropic drugs and medications that you can definitely reap. And with safely following the instructions given by the doctor on the consumption nootropic drugs, you won’t face any other kind of problem too. Hence, if you are facing memory issue or lethargy due to the sleep issues, you can definitely opt for the nootropic drugs or supplements today.

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