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We Have A Shift Work Sleep Disorder, Australia

Shift Work Sleep Disorder and australia

Shift work culture has become prominent across the globe. As countries have got connected with each other and have started outsourcing, shift work culture has become a part of their economy. The best part is that many people have got job and the worst part is majority of them are dealing sleep issues due to variable working hours. Shift work environment is not new for Australians and so are sleep related disorders.

What is shift work sleep disorder?

It is a condition that majorly affects people working on night or rotational shifts. In this condition a person tend to fall asleep during his duty hours. It affects people with variable degree. As mentioned earlier, Australians working in shift duties get affected by sleep issues. The best way to get rid of this condition is to consult with a doctor and start taking wakefulness promoters available online and at local pharmacies.

Is Modafinil the real life ‘Limitless’ drug?

Sourced from, the news is that Aussie workers are purchasing Modafinil online which keeps them going through variable shift hours pretty effortlessly. The medicine is known as real life ‘Limitless’ drug due to its healing powers. Further the virtual news portal had added that many workers on the term of anonymity had confirmed that the wakefulness promoting agent have helped them stay awake and alert during shift hours. These workers have also confessed that Modafinil 200mg has boosted their memory processing power and has enhanced cognitive abilities to keep them stay ahead of others.

Those who have watched Limitless movie must have got some idea about why Modafinil 200mg has been labeled that way. In the movie, the actor pops in a pill and he experiences rapid changes in how he thinks and how his brain is processing information. It was a movie and things have shown in more exaggerated manner. Modafinil drug offers better alertness and concentration power and also improves one’s cognitive abilities.

What is Modafinil? How does it work?

Modafinil belongs to the class of drugs called nootropic and it is known as a wakefulness promoter. It is useful in warding off daytime sleepiness caused by slumber issues such as narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea. This medicine is also called as smart drug as it has some amazing benefits to offer. It helps in boosting cognitive abilities and also helps in improving focusing power along with keeping you mentally sharp.

The exact work mechanism of wakefulness promoters is not known yet. It is believed that the drug acts on certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine. The medicine restricts re-uptake of dopamine and makes it stay in the brain for a longer period of time. This is how Modafinil 200mg helps in keeping one awake and alert. The half life of this smart drug is 14 to 16 hours and thus a single dosage a day is enough to bring in desired results.

Several Australian workers have admitted that mentally challenging jobs and imbalanced ration of work load and working hours have made them buy Modafinil online. However, the drug has not disappointed its users.

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